I'm sure many of you have seen the Judd Apatow movie thats the inspiration for this entry. If you haven't, its a great commentary on where a lot of people are at this point in their life and good for some laughs! However, I am not one of those people. I don't have kids and I'm not married. Like the movie, I do have questions regarding my career, my state of happiness and level of "success". The best part of this movie is the end because I discovered a new musical hero in Ryan Adams. (Can't believe it took me this long and special thanks to whoever put him in the movie!) I won't spoil the end of the movie so here is a music video.

These lyrics say a lot.

I don't remember were we wild and young
All that faded into memory
I feel like somebody I don't know
Are we really who we used to be
Am I really who I was

Thank you Ryan Adams for writing what many of us are feeling. This can be a weird feeling to navigate. I feel sad about the youth that is gone but happy about being wiser. We really aren't who we used to be and I find comfort in this. A life experienced is a life that has changed. The problem is, when you get to that "midlife crisis" part of your life, you start to freak out because it might be a much different spot than you had planned or imagined. Another movie on this subject is Noah Baumbach's While We're Young http://while-were-young.com/splash/ 

This look at life through an artist couple's point of view hit a little closer to home. The artists meet a young couple and have very interesting interactions with them while trying to "find themselves" at this point in their life. Again, good for a few laughs and made me think about what my next step might be. The truth is, after the initial shock and fear wore off about turning 40, I'm pretty excited about what lies ahead. From past experience, I know when I have feelings of uncertainty and a little fear about change, its exactly the right time to dive into something new! The good news is, it has always turned out great in some way. I learned a new skill, gained some important life experience or found a new career path. Sometimes all three!

40 has brought focus for me and I'm excited what this "new chapter" has in store. I hope it has a similar effect for you too! Thanks for reading.




AuthorShilo Stroman